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Privacy Policy

At N2Performance, our relationship with you is our most valuable asset. We respect your right to privacy and the privacy rights of all individuals. We understand the importance you place on the privacy and security of information that personally identifies you or your account information. We refer to and treat this information as "personal information."

The following is our policy regarding personal information:

1. We do not sell personal information to anyone. We will protect the confidentiality of any personal information you share with us.

2. We will only share personal information with others as stated in this Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to disclose or report personal information in limited circumstances where we believe in good faith that disclosure is required to comply with applicable law, to cooperate with regulators or law enforcement authorities, or to perform necessary credit checks, to protect our rights or property.

3. Whenever we collect personal information from you, we will explain to you how we intend to use that information. We limit the collection and use of personal information to what is necessary to administer our business and to deliver superior service to you. This may include advising you about our products or services, those of our affiliates, and other opportunities that we believe may interest you. To serve you better, we may combine information you give us on our website or through other channels.

4. When we share personal information with an agent, associate, or affiliate, we protect that personal information with a strict confidentiality agreement. Companies that we hire to provide support services or act as our agent must conform to our privacy standards.

5. Our company policies require that employees with access to confidential customer information may not use or disclose the information except for business use. All employees are required to safeguard such information, as specified in their confidentiality agreements.

6. We will protect your information with appropriate safeguards and security measures. We have thorough security standards to protect our systems and your information against unauthorized access and use.

7. Your Role In Safeguarding Your Information. Our security standards are high. We test every electronic product to ensure that it meets our criteria. However, the software that you run on your own PC and the Internet itself can impact the "secure environment" necessary for Internet transactions with N2Performance.com. You also play an important role in maintaining the security of your information while using the Internet. You should ensure that you are familiar and comfortable with the security level of your browser and watch for security alerts affecting the software on your PC or browser.

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