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For concentrated, cutting-edge information on high performance engine and drivetrain components, serious performance enthusiasts turn to N2Performance.com.

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Featuring downloadable lectures by "The Performance Professor," Jim McFarland, N2Performance is a fast-paced, deep-detail source of technical and practical information that targets the heart of the high-performance market, attracting thousands of solid readers every month.

Dedicated to educating and entertaining its loyal readers, N2Performance has earned a reputation as the ultimate resource for comprehensive information on making vehicle engines and powertrains more efficient, powerful and enjoyable to use.

N2Performance delivers your best prospects who have an ongoing interest and an immediate need to buy products designed for high-performance or racing applications.

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Jim McFarland, The Performance Professor

Jim McFarland is a 2001 SEMA Hall of Famer and an automotive aftermarket author, editor and award-winning engineer. His high level of expertise, widely recognized throughout the industry, is reflected in the online lectures he presents. Readers visit N2Performance to benefit from the broad scope of his knowledge, giving them a depth of practical information not available any- where else. Jim has presented lectures since 1998, and has been the editor of N2Performance since 2000.
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Lectures and Educational Offerings

We offer a full slate of lecture topics, with a new topic presented every month. Jim develops each lecture to emphasize the importance of proper component selection and integration as it relates to the overall success of a given application. Readers enjoy the serial nature of the lectures, evidenced by the number of repeat visitors who come back to build on their knowledge as the topics progress. To match our readers needs and interests, lectures include two levels of instructional material and an interview of a prominent industry or motorsports figure.

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