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About N2Performance

N2Performance is an online destination and information source for high performance enthusiasts, racers, and engine builders from just about every facet of the market.

Recent surveys indicate our audience is very diverse and consists of drag racers, club and nostalgia racers, and circle track racers. In addition to the typical market, we also attract truck and off-road enthusiasts as well as motorcycle and boat racing participants.

Jim McFarland created the "Performance Professor" concept as a means to educate and entertain his audience in a way that until now has not been done. In 1998 Jim took this concept to the World Wide Web where it became an immediate hit with his audience. However, as 1999 drew to a close the eminent "dot-com" crash was looming and changes were on the horizon.

In early 2000, Jim teamed up with N2Performance and launched a new site in April of 2000. It took only a few short months for N2Performance to gain back the former audience, but surprisingly, we surpassed those numbers within 6 months of launch!

N2Performance and the Performance Professor are still at it and are going strong. With a new partnership with the Westech Performance Group and their subsidiaries, we expect bigger and better things to come for our audience and our advertisers!

Buckle Up and Stay Tuned!

- The N2Performance Team

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