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Background on Wells Racing Engines

At the age of 17, Dennis Wells {now in his 50's} began his automotive career by performing valve jobs on flathead Ford V8 engines. As he could afford them, additional pieces of equipment were purchased during the next 13 years as he continued to build a small business, by himself. During this time, he began drag racing and continued until 1985, at which time his engine building reputation had spread into the circle track community.

Today, along with his wife {Sharon} who daily performs the company's crankshaft grinding services, bookkeeping and parts ordering responsibilities, Wells Racing Engines {located in Duncanville, Texas} is perhaps one of the better kept secrets in the race engine building industry. Winning engines emerging from the Wells facility include dirt and asphalt applications, drag boats and cars and high performance street packages. Machining services are offered for virtually any aspect of a racing or high performance engine. Parts are also serviced for industrial applications that include commercial air compressors and farm equipment.

Twelve years ago, Dennis teamed with Paul Cook to expand the testing and research components of the business. Cook, owner of the Silver Bullet "house car" {both dirt and asphalt} and a successful business owner in his own right, brings hard-core technology and support to the Wells facility, enabling the company to become a leading-edge source for state-of-the-art engine and inertial chassis dyno services and data reduction.

This source of information and experience has joined with n2performance.com to bring our audience "Pro Tips" derived from hands-on and daily work in the building of highly successful high performance and racing engines.


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