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Roller Lifters

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Pro Tips (cont.)

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Mechanical Roller Lifters

When installing mechanical roller lifters, soak them in oil for 30 minutes prior to installation. This will prevent dry start-up and excessive wear on needle bearings. At the Well's Racing shop, we use no oil restrictors on Chevy engines with mechanical roller lifters. We want full oil pressure to needle bearings in roller lifters.

Disassembling an Engine
When disassembling an engine, be sure all rods and main caps are numbered before removing.

More on Disassembly
Use some type of protection such as a piece of rubber fuel line hose on rod bolts to prevent scarring journals when disassembling a motor.

Numbering Lifters
When disassembling an engine, especially on flat-tappet camshafts, make sure each lifter is numbered to go back on the same lobe of the camshaft.

Installing a Roller-Timing Chain Set
When installing a roller-timing chain set, bolt the cam gear to the camshaft and install the cam in the block with the chain on the gear. Press the cam gear towards the rear of the block, and check for a minimum of .050 clearance between the chain and the block. Most small-block Chevys require grinding to achieve proper clearance.

When Changing Cam Degree
When changing cam degree, you must recheck valve clearance. Each degree of change effects valve clearance approximately .010. Example: If you advance the camshaft .040, you will lose .040 intake valve clearance and gain .040 on the exhaust clearance. It will be the opposite if you retard the camshaft.

Main and Rod Caps
Don't mix up main or rod caps. When disassembling an engine, make sure all rods and main caps are numbered before removing.

Aftermarket Rods
When using after-market rods or a longer stroke crankshaft, check block and cam for a minimum of .060 rotating clearance.

Install Crank and Cam with Gear in the Block
Install crankshaft with gear in block. Install cam with gear in block. Hold a straight edge across both gears to check for alignment. Machining or shimming may be required.

Oil Pan Clearance
When installing an oil pan, you need to make sure the rods and crankshaft clear the pan. To check for clearance lay one hand on the pan and turn the motor over several times with the other. If you've got a clearance problem you'll hear noises and/or feel vibration.

Valve Replacement
When replacing valves, make sure they don't protrude higher in the chamber than your old valve. If they do, you'll have to recheck valve clearance. This might cause a gain in compression ratio.

Tech Tips 1 Tech Tips 2   Tech Tips 3   Tech Tips Index


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