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    The Professor's Recommended Reading

Check out the Professor's Recommended Reads. You can purchase these and other books from Amazon.com here.

"Introduction to Internal Combustion Engines"
(3rd edition)
Richard Stone
Society of Automotive Engineers
Warrendale, PA
Order Introduction to Internal Combustion Engines

"Internal Combustion Engines & Air Pollution"
Edward F. Obert
Harper & Rowe, Publishers
New York, San Francisco, London
Order Internal Combustion Engines & Air Pollution

"The Internal Combustion Engine
In Theory & Practice"
(Vols. 1 & 2)
Charles F. Taylor - The M.I.T. Press
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, Mass., London
Order The Internal Combustion Engine In Theory & Practice

"Elements of Internal Combustion Engines"
A. Rogowski - McGraw-Hill
New York, Tornoto, London
Order Elements of Internal Combustion Engines

"Modern Automotive Technology"
James E. Duffy - The Goodheart-Willcox Company, Inc.
Tinley Park, IL
Order Modern Automotive Technology

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